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Reach over 150,000 monthly visitors in a trusted Fertility Social Network. We provide Fertility Clinics and Fertility-related businesses, advertising solutions to reach a highly-targeted engaged community who is looking for information related to Fertility and Fertility Treatments.

Why advertise with FertilityTies.com?

Commitment to Fertility Education

Database of 20,000+ questions that answered by Fertility Doctors, making it a trusted social media brand for those looking for fertility info and support.

Cost-Effective Marketing Campaigns

FertilityTies.com offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities at great accessible rates, and we can customize advertising packages to meet the specific needs of your Clinic.

Local Advertising

Geo-targeting capabilities for all your campaigns. Banner ads, videos, and sponsored content can be shown only to those users in your Metro area for a better return on your investment.

Experience and Passion

Our team has over 15 years of experience developing web consumer products, including products for global brands like Yahoo! and Reuters. We have a strong focus in using web-technologies to make it easier for potential patients to find the right Fertility Doctor, all within a few clicks in the comfort of their homes.

Banner Advertising

Banner ads

CPM Rates

$5—$10 (per 1,000 impressions) depending on banner size and location. Ads can be displayed only in the metro areas near your business.

Fertility Directory

FertilityTies.com Doctors and Clinics directory

Advertise your Special Promotions, Seminars & Clinical Trials for a low monthly fee. Receive access to detailed info from potential customers who want to be contacted and even have the option to answer questions from members near you!

Join our new generation of Fertility Directories where YOU manage your business profile! Potential patients can find the right match for their needs, all within a few clicks in the comfort of their homes

Clinics and Doctors:

From $749 per year or $99 per month

Other Fertility Businesses:

From $349 per year or $49 per month
Sponsored Article

Sponsored Articles

Are you launching a new service or promoting existing offers for potential customers? Promote your Clinic via written articles about your brand and services. Sponsored Articles are displayed throughout all our Forums and Questions & Answers area.


$250 per week
Featured Videos

Featured Videos

Increase your brand awareness by promoting your Fertility related videos in the homepage of FertilityTies.com


$100 per week

Did you know there are over 50 Million Latinos residing in the United States?

Reach this community through our sister website MedicosDeFertilidad.com (literal translation: Fertility Doctors). We offer online sponsorships in addition to full marketing solutions to reach this audience.

Client Testimonial

Care Fertility "FertilityTies is a great source of referrals for our office, and an excellent way to communicate directly with potential patients."

Dr. Rudy Quintero Founder & Medical Director

For general advertising inquiries or to inquire about specific opportunities please contact info@fertilityties.com. We'll be happy to assist you and customize specific advertising programs just for you.

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