About Fertility Ties

FertilityTies is your online community devoted to providing you with all the support, tools, information, and guidance needed on your journey to conceiving a family.

FertilityTies was created as a place where to share your knowledge and experience with others, learn from experts and members alike, and most importantly, find support from those who have experienced the joys of childbirth and from those who have faced similar difficulties trying to get there.

FertilityTies is here to provide you with the tools, information and support you need, so that your journey becomes easier.

We are very excited to empower you with information. You will be able to learn about infertility through our content, our experts' information, and through other members. We encourage you to contribute and share your stories through FertilityTies' safe and friendly environment as a way to help others on a similar journey, and to provide an ear for those that need to be heard.

Welcome to FertilityTies!

Medical Advisors

FertilityTies is very excited and proud to bring you a team of specialists who will contribute to the creation of this community and to provide you with their expertise.


FertilityTies.com receives capital from various private investors, including the Founder of the site. The official advisors of this site Dr. Quintero and Dr. Littman receive compensation via shares of the company.


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Why FertilityTies?

FertilityTies was built to enable people facing infertility to:

  1. simply and easily communicate with friends, family, supporters, and others that want to provide you with encouragement and help.
  2. find others facing the same circumstances, and exchange experiences, treatments and support within a safe community setting.
  3. have access to all the information and tools available to make better decisions regarding this most important issue of having a family.

We've developed many unique, customized features to serve our users, including:

  • A Community For Everyone:

    A place where you can talk about anything you want regardless of your gender, religious beliefs and/or sexual preference. Everyone here shares the same goal of wanting a family.
  • 24/7/365 Support Center:

    At any time of the day or night, you can log in to FertilityTies and chat with other members for support, post your questions for our experts, write your journal, and much more.
  • Supporters and Advisors:

    Our community will also have great medical advisors who are here to share their knowledge and answer your questions.
  • Find a Doctor:

    Find a doctor near you.
  • Recommendations:

    Members can share recommendations on their past and present physicians.
  • Latest News:

    Live news feeds are available to keep you up to date on developments relevant to Fertility issues.
  • Photos, Journals, email updates, and much more...